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Katahdin Sheep
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Newstead Katahdin Sheep

  • Purebred Katahdin Ewes and Rams. 

  • Easy keeping. 

  • Good flocking instinct. 

  • No hormones or antibiotics. 

  • Gentle and easy to handle. 

  • Known for producing quality meat. 

  • Weaned and ready to go in June.

  • Many from twinning mothers. 

Sired by a registered Katahdin Ram and out of purebred Katahdin Ewes.

Lambs available starting in June. Check prices at New Holland (PA) [] to determine the value of market lambs. Farm-fresh lambs usually sell at a premium compared to those sold at public livestock auctions.
Ready to go in June.

Taking orders now. $50 will reserve ewes and rams before they are ready to be picked up.
White, Black and Brown lambs to choose from.

No hormones.
No antibiotics.
Grass fed, pasture raised and supplemented with Dumor Sheep Feed and Dumor Minerals

Katahdin sheep generally twin. The majority of lambs offered are one of a twin or triplet.

Katahdin sheep are 'hair sheep': they naturally shed their fleece in the spring and don't require shearing. The purpose of the breed is to efficiently and economically produce meat. We chose Katahdins for a number of reasons: 

Significantly higher parasite tolerance than wooled sheep 

Ability to breed non-seasonally for an 'accelerated' lambing program 

Ewes are easy lambers, exhibit strong maternal instincts, and are good milkers 

Carcasses are well-muscled, meat is lean and mild-flavored 

Their coat can be any color or pattern! They're beautiful animals.

To reserve your lamb now call 804-375-3666.





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