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Newstead Manor is a solid brick house with a slate roof.

Newstead Manor was completely restored in 1984.  Carol Carper, the present owner, a certified wedding and event planner, has continued renovations. 

There are three "main" entrances. The upstairs apartment, which is offered as a vacation rental on, uses the north entrance. The kitchen and "keep" area is served by the east entrance. The kitchen has  a double stainless steel sink, a built in refrigerator, microwave, oven and glass cook top with granite surround.  The cabinets are walnut.  The floor is brick.  There is a table height fireplace in the "keep" for grilling and to cook on when the power is out. There's is so much light from the windows I have not been able to photograph the kitchen or keep.  Here's my attempt to capture the keep fireplace.  You can see the light coming in from the two big windows that flank the fireplace.  I'll try again at night to photograph the kitchen and keep.

The grand hallway measuring 37' x 13' flows out to the bench lined front porch decorated with Corinthian capital topped columns where you can enjoy a view of the south lawn where your garden party guests can enjoy a game of croquet!

The library which features a faux marble fireplace and pediment was added. Bathroom renovations feature granite countertops. An upstairs laundry was added.  Antique chandeliers and crown molding were added to many rooms throughout the home. Shelving, a peg board wall and an extensive workbench were added to the English basement.

 The grand hallway features a hunt scene mural painted by Carol.

The converted milking parlor, crowned with a copper roofed cupola topped with a brass Morgan Horse weather vane, features an eight stall double cribbed barn with a breezeway for carriages, a tack room with a Vermont Castings wood burning fireplace and a feed room.

There are two streams on the property.  Both are fed from the overflow of neighboring properties. One is below the barn where the sheep water. You cross a bridge over the second stream from the front entrance. The photo below shows the bridge at the bottom of the hill.

There is a Civil War era cabin on the property. Heated with wood.  It has a well and running water. The cabin is on long term lease at $200/month.  The tenant is responsible for all upkeep and repair except for the roof which is slate.


Newstead on the James is located in Cartersville, a small historic village on the James River in Virginia. There are three churches and a number of historic houses.  The Cartersville Post Office once was a church.  An 80 year old County Store where you can buy antiques, local artists work, plumbing supplies and get a hair cut for $12 and a garage next door constitute the "business district".

Newstead Manor was built circa 1905. The mansion, although larger than the previous house, is built on the foundation of the house which burned down after the Civil War. Newstead Farm featured milking Shorthorns and was the most modern dairy on the east coast in the 1940's.  Milk and other products went by rail from Cartersville to the city.



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